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For as early as I can remember, my Dad was holding a camera all the time and everywhere we went. I remember he filmed EVERYTHING, so cameras have been with me as part of my life.

When I turned 17, my Dad helped me buy my first camera, but of course back then this could only be a hobby, and to abide by my house rules I had to go to college and get a degree in business, so I did, but I always knew my calling was way more creative. After college I took a few months to live in Rome, where aside from learning Italian, I used it to study film and photography a bit more. I was convinced this was what I had to do. When I returned back to Venezuela I got in touch with “Escuela Foto Arte". They organize trips dedicated to photography. I felt at ease doing this job and I really loved to see how creative I could be at it.

With these experiences under my wing, a friend and I decided to form our own company dedicated to videos and photography. Our first niche Weddings. We founded Origami Audiovisual in 2010 and we worked throughout Venezuela for 6 years. Later on we've got the opportunity to film weddings overseas and proud of our work we decided to expand our venture.


In 2016 we moved our company to Miami, FL, this brought a very exciting twist to our line of work, we could do more and cover more areas. And it gave me the opportunity to explode my taste in photography that given the amount of work that weddings gave us I kind of let it rest for a while. I had the honor of having my work showcased in Times Square in NYC, being interviewed, reviewed and promoted by important TV, Radio and Press networks in Venezuela. In 2018 we had our first photo expo “The Will of The Body” in Miami.

Right now I'm working in a new project based on the grief that I'm going or went through... let's see how it goes.

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