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Are you tired of being told that your ultimate purpose is to have children? Do you feel like society views you as incomplete or selfish for not wanting to become a mother? In this empowering documentary, we hear from women who have made the decision to be childfree and the challenges and joys they experience along the way. Through honest and intimate interviews with women who have chosen to live their lives without children, we explore the reasons behind their decisions, the societal pressures they face, and the ways in which this choice has shaped their lives. We also hear from a psychologist who provide insight into the cultural expectations and gender norms that often inform our attitudes towards motherhood. Join us as we challenge the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding women who choose a childfree lifestyle and celebrate the freedom and fulfillment that comes with making your own choices. Whether you're a woman considering a childfree life or simply curious about this topic, this documentary is sure to inspire and inform.


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